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Waterborne coating’s after-sale service as important as wate

2020-03-28 13:53Reading:

  Do you feel trouble about the waterborne coating fail to meet the requirement? Do you really want to have a professional supplier to provide you with a complete set of solutions?

  Guangdong Haisun New Material Co.,Ltd. could help you work out any problems.Guangdong Haisun New Material Co.,Ltd will provide you with good quality solutions, let quality, after-sales, environmental protection complement each other.


  Guangdong Haisun New Material Co.,Ltd use no waste disposal,no air pollution,no fire hazard.Guangdong Haisun New Material Co.,Ltd is provide environmental protection plan for the transformation and upgrading of furniture enterprises,and sustainable development of the enterprise lays a solid foundation.

  Guangdong Haisun New Material Co.,Ltd has been adhering to the corporate mission of “Customer needs oriented”as a research and development of the theory.We have good efficient scientific research team,we has obtained more than 10 national/international invention patents.Guangdong Haisun New Material Co.,Ltd. Strong sealing,anti-expansion reinforcement water-based wood coating system has passed evaluation of national scientific and technological achievements.

  Guangdong Haisun New Material Co.,Ltd. Has provide good quality wood coating to furniture manufacturing.It could hoisting decoration,durability and environmental protection.And we can according to customer requirements for gloss, fullness, color, feel, resistance to yellowing paint film to provide appropriate products.

  Haisun waterborne coating dilute with clean water. No VOCs emissions.Mainly composition is polyurethane acrylic modified emulsion PUA.The surface coating is flat after coating. Theoretical paint consumption: primer 8 square meters/kg. Drying time: (temperature 25℃/ relative humidity 50%) refers to contact drying: 20-30 minutes dry: 24hours. Grinding time :(temperature 25℃/ relative humidity 50%) 3-4 hours.

  Haisun waterborne coating improved after 3 generations.Except no VOCs emissions.It is made of polyurethane acrylic modified emulsion PUA.It has strong sealing,anti-expansion reinforcement,anti-yellow for solid color system and strong sealing.Product features:quick drying,strong sealing and effectively prevent anti-expansion reinforcement.Haisun waterborne coating can spray or roll coating.Spray coating:1-3minutes, 120℃,drying 3-5minutes.Roll coating:1minute, 120℃,drying 10-20seconds.Haisun waterborne coating it is used in combination with the coating fast trunk line of haisun 5G Internet.Only need three minutes drying,four hours delivery.These products have passed evaluation of national scientific and technological achievements.

  Waterborne products can not be mixed with oily products, will appear insoluble phenomenon.Match immediately, stir well and let stand for about 15 minutes to eliminate the bubble. If paint is not be used up at one time, it must seal immediately. Since volatilize or inspiration impurity will affect the quality of paint and use effect.

  Guangdong Haisun New Material Co.,Ltd. Will provide before sale and after sale service for manufacturer.Haisun engineer no matter where they are,we can provide 7*24 hours technical service to the manufacturers.Guangdong Haisun New Material Co.,Ltd. Also occasionally for the manufacturers of peishun product managers and technical personnel.Let manufacturers take ease of use, no worries.Choosing Haisun waterborne it is to choose the "green manufacturing" and enterprise sustainable development of the road.

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