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There is big difference method of application about water-ba

2020-03-28 14:08Reading:

  The sun is shining brightly in spring,the temperature is gradually rising.Many furniture factory,wooden factory has already resumption of work and get more and more bus.Although it is spring, there is a big difference in climate between north and south that Water - based coating’s construction is also very different.So they couldn’t match together.Haisun Quick drying water-based coating have special technology could work out this problem.


  The south is wet in spring.

  “Wet weather”is the one of common phenomenon in the south in spring.It has high air humidity and you can feeling wet scene everywhere so that Water-based coating’s construction has strict requirements on temperature and humidity.“Wet weather”’s temperature about 10℃, humidity more than 85% .Water-based coating drying and film - forming time gets longer.And may lead to mold, peeling, delamination, flow, blisters and other problems.

  The north is cool in spring

  Although temperature rises slightly in spring,the most region of north still cold and high wind.What’s more,the temperature is below 5℃, and the wind reduces the humidity of the air. Dust in the air is easy to adhere to the surface of the film, the formation of particles. Ordinary water-based coating usually uses the way of normal temperature self - drying, cold weather will make water paint powder, even deterioration, not dry paint is easy to be frozen, increase water paint construction difficulty.

  Haisun quick drying water-based coating can solve this problem fast drying within three minutes.

  Quick drying water-based has new technology on its own.Using with 5G Internet technology’s quick drying coating line can make a perfect environment for water paint construction that coating drying integrated operation, wood deformation, one key output finished products and dry in 3 minutes and ship in 4 hours.No matter seasons how to change, north and south region, anytime, anywhere, all-weather can construction!

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