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Quick drying water-based coating promote the innovative deve

2020-03-28 14:11Reading:

  With the corona virus gradually improving,“work resumption day”gets more and more quickly,but many furniture companies have same problems.For example, under productivity,production efficiency reduction,capacity compression and so on.In order to solve these pressure,more and more furniture companies are focus of work to intelligent production.At this moment,quick drying water-based coating intelligent coating can effectively promote furniture enterprises to realize smart factory.


  Environmental protection to upgrade

  Quick drying water-based coating belongs to a single group of waterborne paint,it only need Water diluent, low emission of VOCs, non-benzene and non-CH20,no bad smell,it is no harm to human body and environment.Quick drying water-based coating in line with the national environmental policy and the development trend of "oil to water". The country promotes the green waterborne product that advocate energetically.

  Service to upgrade

  During the corona virus, serviceman couldn’t arrive the construction site solve problems in the short time.Quick drying water-based coating lines use of 5G Internet of things technology, Even thousands of miles away can provide 7*24H remote technical service guidance for furniture manufacturers.

  Automation upgrade

  Quick drying water-based coating with the quick drying coating line, coating drying integrated operation,one key can control Technical Indicators.No matter north and south region,at all seasons can construct.It’s greatly reduce the dependence on labor.And get rid of the traditional manual labor to productivity and efficiency constraints

  Putting into quick drying water-based coating,keep closely to the black technology, actively create smart coating,come true “turn the corner” is the good way for the furniture wooden door enterprises to create a long-term fight against the ability to play.

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