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Is quick drying water-based coating’s unit price expensive c

2020-03-28 14:15Reading:

  Water-based coating’s unit price usually 30% higher than solvent-based coating.Because quick drying water-based coating as a new type of environmental protection product unit price is also relatively higher than ordinary coating.But unit price high is not mean the high cost. Quick - drying water-based coating in environmental protection costs, labor costs, construction costs and other aspects of comprehensive comparison is not have the high cost problem.


  Low environmental cost

  Oil coating is a the national environmental protection policy strictly controls the discharge object because it has large emissions of VOCs.Using coating is faced with big environmental protection pressure and survival pressure.What’s more, waste more water and discharge that you must equipped with a full set of facilities such as photo-oxygen exhaust gas purifier and environmental protection treatment equipment of terminal exhaust gas.These machine not only it costs a lot of money, and the later maintenance and running costs are quite high.You will face heavy punishment if you don't come with the equipment. And you failure to pass the environmental impact assessment so will lead to a shutdown even closure.

  Quick drying water-based coating all product can dilute with water. Spray chamber solid liquid separation.No waste water generation,no VOCs emissions,no VOCs handling expense.What’s more,quick drying coating can solid liquid separation, waterborne spray chamber adopts dry treatment. No water pollution,non”the three waste(waste waste gas, waste water and industrial residue)dealing with stress. Let the enterprise really rest assured operation, no worries.

  Low labor cost

  With people's health awareness increases,” Life is more important than money”is disappear.It is very difficult to recruit.Although spend high price to recruit the coating workers,it is known about ordinary coating is harm to human’s healthy.It has bad smell,you may cause an occupational disease if you usually touch with the chemicals,such as benzene, toluene, xylene and so on. It is difficult to assess the potential risk. On the contrary,quick drying water-based coating is harmless to human’s health and safe and environmentally friendly.So it has not any assess the potential risk and easy to recruit.At the same time, it can embodies the enterprise people-oriented concept, care for the health of employees.

  Low construction cost

  Construction of coating usually need to be painted many times to achieve better results.Quick drying water-based coating no grinding throughout、high fullness、strong penetration ,it can finish immediately after trimming.It could dry in three minutes,delivery in four hours and save more coating.

  Ordinary oil coating needs masks, protective clothing and other equipment, increased the cost of enterprise labor insurance.Quick drying water based coating non-toxic harmless,workers no need mask,and construction tools can be washed with water instead of buy gasoline to clean and save resources.

  In general,quick drying water based coating’s certain cost lower than oil coating.What’s more,waterborne coating productions are popular with market,so furniture enterprises do not need to worry about the use of fast drying water-based coating will increase your costs.

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