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What field can the quick drying water - based wood coating a

2020-03-28 15:04Reading:

  Quick drying water-based wood coating has “Building a global Eco-environment 、Enjoying the health and high-performance”principles that are used many fields since it appear in the market.

  Wooden furniture field

  Wooden furniture and wooden doors are still the importance furniture in the modern family.Quick drying water-based wood coating is passed the national environmental assessment standard of green environmental protection water-based coating.It is usually used of wooden furniture and wooden door coating can make the furniture more beautiful.What’s more,quick drying water-based coating has prevent wood from swelling and provide anti-yellowing for solid color system of solid wood furniture.Wood coating has good hardness、good sanding、strong penetration could make furniture and wood door anti-yellowing、keep color preserving like new and waterproof and dirty.It is the best choose in the livable environment.


  Children’s toy field

  China is the one of toy’s production countries in the world.Wooden toys are popular for their durable and natural characteristics.Quick drying water-based wood coating not only can change different colors,but also a virulent insipidity、net benzene formaldehyde free and good environmental protection performance.It has non-polluting toys、protect the healthy growth of children and within reach wooden feeling and natural wind.Mother doesn’t worry about my toys again.

  Wood veneer field

  Wood veneer is widely used in interior and exterior decoration,it is so nice and fashion.Quick drying water-based coating can make the wood smooth and delicate surface, good feeling, avoid being scratched by hard objects after painting. It is the rainy season in the south,it has good closeness to protect wood and effectively prevent wood drying cracking caused by sunlight in hot summer. In addition to the above areas,wooden doors and windows、wood flooring, wood carving root carving, wooden crafts, wooden tableware, outdoor wood products, hotel decoration and so on could use quick drying water-based wood coating come true quick drying three minutes and four hours shipment,it can help us easily handle multiple scenarios.

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