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Is it difficult that you couldn’t paint with water-based coa

2020-04-02 08:50Reading:

  Every year when winter goes out and spring comes,everything come back to the life.In the south,there is not only temporary survival but also “wet” weather and distant.Because of in the long standby back to the wet weather,many furniture factories respond different and special ways to deal with it.Someone thinks we couldn’t use water-based coating to paint furniture in the wet weather and should use nitrocellulose lacquer.But it is true?Haisun Water-based Coating has magic deal with the “wet”weather.


  Quick-Drying in three minutes

  For the wet weather of high humidity,the one of main causes of choose nitrocellulose lacquer is the short drying time.But nitrocellulose lacquer has low solid content% that need to through multiple process to achieve more good effect, yellow resistance, poor durability.

  As opposed to nitrocellulose lacquer,Haisun Water-based Coating uses exclusive quick-drying technology.You can come true three minutes quick-drying and four hours shipment in the wet weather.”Quick-drying water-based wood coating system”and “Good closeness and prevent wood form swelling water-based wood coating system” were awarded the national scientific and technological achievement mean Haisun quick-drying water based coating has high fullness、high solid content%,it has good repair-ability and good paint film protection function for a long time.

  Going green and environmental protection.

  Nitrocellulose lacquer still use organic solvent as part of diluent.These diluent is poisonous to humans.It has pungent smell,It’s unbelievable that so bad feeling to smell the musty taste from wet weather and the foul “smell of the paint”!Haisun quick-drying water-based coating all products just dilute with water, non-toxic and tasteless can make the fresh air for the wet weather.Health and environmental protection and suitable for all ages.It’s better than nitrocellulose lacquer!Haisun quick water-based coating can suitable for use at any time!Furniture factories could say good-bye the losses by the wet weather.

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